Community Guidelines

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This is a friendly and welcoming online community with people from all across the world.

When you participate on this site, you are directly shaping Australia’s World Cup bid. This means every time you engage with the site, you’re representing your country. And whether you’re Australian or not, you’re also an ambassador for the game of football. By participating, you are agreeing to act within these guidelines.

What to do

  • Play fair: not everyone is the same, not everyone agrees, but we’re united by a love of the game. Let people have their say.
  • Credit where credit is due: only post content you have created. If it was created someone else, make sure you give them credit.
  • You’re a referee too: if you see someone making other people uncomfortable, report them.

What not to do

  • Play the ball, not the man: No swearing, rudeness or personal attacks.
  • No spam: Share your opinions, not the link to your blog or website over and over again.
  • Real people only: this site is for supporters, not for companies or commercial interests.
  • Red card: if you make this site a less fun, less welcoming environment, your content may be removed or your account may be closed.